Month in Review: January

I’m quickly learning that WordPress plays the stat game. I’m not really sure what all of this means. It’s been some time since I last had a blog on WordPress. (I’m surprised it hasn’t gone away or something.) Anyway, as much as I appreciate them keeping up with traffic, I thought I would do my own little “review.”

I see some of my fellow bloggers doing these month-in-reviews and year-in-reviews. So, I thought I would chime in with mine.

Well, I’m here. That’s a start. And you gotta start somewhere. I said at the end of last year that I would start a new blog. And to be honest, I debated putting it off. I thought, “Who will listen to what I have to say?” “Who will read what I write?” The usual questions. Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind and step out on faith. So, I did, and I’m proud of myself.

On my first blog post, I laid out some goals I wanted to accomplish in my writing endeavors. So far, there’s been the one goal: starting this blog. And I have one short story on my blog. Granted, it’s a bit “juvenile,” but the next stories I post will be more adult-oriented. Now, don’t take this as meaning that I’m going to be posting stories that have graphic depictions of violence or overly sexual tones. Nothing like that. I just like to read and write stories that deal with adult themes like romance, death, family relations; that kind of stuff.

As far as some of my other goals, I haven’t gotten there yet. I haven’t found a group yet. I’m still waiting on my taxes to come in so I get that new laptop I promised myself so I can download Scrivener. Those are the more immediate goals. I’ll address the others in due time.

I have to admit that for a “first-time blogger,” I am pretty impressed at how my blogs looks and what I’ve posted. And I have a good amount of followers. I guess that is where being on social media is a benefit. (Note to self: update my “About” page with my Twitter handle.) And in the process, some of the bloggers I follow, I follow on Twitter. So, it works hand in hand.

Well, that is all for my first month-in-review. I’ll try to post these at the end of the month, or no later than the first of the next month.

By the way, there is something called the “A to Z” challenge that bloggers do in April. I might try my hand at this.


2 thoughts on “Month in Review: January

  1. If you are looking for a writing community, try It is a great site for writings. There are groups, contests, newsletters, and more – all handled within the site. I’ve been there since 2008 and I love it. If you join, look me up on there and I’ll help you get set up. My username is Relanka.


  2. Like you, I’ve found WordPress easy to use. The templates have a nice, clean look and are easy to customize. I definitely couldn’t have created a website like that on my own. My HTML skills are pretty limited.

    Good luck with your blog. Sounds like you’re off to a great start!


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