Best way to write… is there any?

The great debate. What’s your preference?

Spirited Quill


I recently listened to an interview with my two favorite teacher-writers, Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron; they were asked about writing methods and whether longhand was a requisite for a full writing experience, or if writing on a keypad was acceptable. As I expected, they were both partial to handwriting, but they acknowledged that writing on a laptop worked for many people. They believe that it is usually more difficult to achieve the same level of spiritual connection with your writing if you are not using a pen and paper; somehow by typing on a keypad the whole activity becomes more cerebral, and less intuitive. I agree wholeheartedly with that. I LOVE writing by hand; it feels intimate; it allows me to truly switch off and float. It is not the same thing when I write on my laptop. I keep re-editing what I write; there is no flow. Not for me, anyway. However…

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