2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: H is for Health

2015AtoZDay08If you’re on Twitter, you probably have heard of Nat Russo. If you haven’t, check him out. He offers some great writing tips if you read his blog. One that stands out–particularly for this post–is to get out once in a while, to take a break by walking, getting some exercise.

So, how does this correlate with writing? I believe your health has everything to do with our writing process. Now, I’m not going to give you every stat in the world about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. One, there’s not enough time. Two, I’m no poster child for healthy living. So, what I share, I need to follow myself. 

From what I’ve read in blogs, our health can dictate our writing process. Some of the benefits of eating healthy, exercise, and getting the proper amount of sleep include:

  • More energy for writing
  • Better focus; less stress
  • Better dreams, which can generate story ideas

And this is only the physical aspect of it. Mental health and social health also play roles in our writing lives, aside from the examples I just mentioned. For example, having a good group of friends can lead to great conversations and good brainstorming sessions. Having good mental health can mean the difference in how we handle rejection as well as success.

Like I said, I’m preaching to myself as well as the choir. I don’t take care of myself as I should. But I hope this post will at least get you thinking about how we look at ourselves and how we live in relation to the writing process as the old saying goes, you get out what you put in.


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