2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Q is for Quitting

AtoZDay17I’ve read blogs all morning, and most people are blogging about the dreaded “Q” word, quitting. Seems to be a fitting subject among writers. Everyone struggles with it. Without further ado, let me talk about what quitting means to me.

I confess to the blogging world. I have quit on several things in my lifetime. I’ve quit jobs because I felt I wasn’t getting paid enough or felt enormous frustration. I’ve quit certain books because it didn’t keep me interested. That’s not to say I didn’t try in whatever I attempted. I think I’m one of those people who loses interest quickly. It was believed that I had ADD, but that hasn’t been proven. But, that’s for another post.

But the worst activity I’ve quit on is my writing. It’s not because I lost interest, to a degree. I account my quitting to two factors. One is a lack of discipline. I know, again with that word, but it’s a facet that cannot be ignored. As I said before, I took my Creative Writing classes too lightly. I wasn’t as serious as I should have been. Because I didn’t build and develop healthy writing habits, it led to self-destructive behaviors.

The other is a fear of my own writing. The writing business is as unpredictable as the weather. No one knows what the next trend in literature is going to be. And there’s no guarantee of success. And that’s what scares me. I fear that my writing is not going to be good enough for the masses. If you follow my blog, you’ve probably seen two of my short stories. I haven’t crafted more because I’m afraid how people will respond.

So after my spiel, the question becomes “Why I haven’t quit?” The answer: I’m not sure. I think it’s because I love writing too much. It doesn’t make any sense to quit something you love. And after waving back and forth on whether to take this profession head-on, I read a craft book called The Courage to Write. It inspired me and spurred me to take on this task and pursue my passion that I ignored for so long.

So while I’m still developing those healthy writing habits, I am making the decision to not quit this journey, ever. And if I wane, I hope my writing buddies will spur to take up the pen and write. Or, turn on the laptop and type.


4 thoughts on “2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Q is for Quitting

  1. Having read the proliferation of “Q for Quit” blogs today, it seems that giving themselves a hard time is a trait writers share. The self-critic is strong in us all. Hopefully that is balanced by the drive and determination that I’ve seen across these posts in my A-Z journey. So, keep on keeping on George (and I’ll try to do likewise!)


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