2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Religion

AtoZDay18Religion is a touchy subject these days. It seems anyone who professes a certain faith is labeled a zealot, an extremist. Now there are some people who take their way to the extreme and use it as a justification to berate and heap violence against those who don’t share the same views. I think they tend to forget they’re human, not God or Allah or whatever higher power they worship. I am proud to say that I am a Christian and that I make mistakes.

Having said that, I admit I have a gross misunderstanding about Christian fiction. Or any religious fiction, for that matter. I always thought that authors used their books to push their beliefs onto their audience. An example is the Left Behind series. I’ve never read one book in that series, but I know its subject matter revolves around the End of Days, as the Bible prophesized in the book of Revelation. Outside of that, I am ignorant of the plot itself. But that is what authors want the reader to believe. Now, I might be wrong that the author is pushing their propaganda onto an unsuspecting reader. It’s hard, at the same time, to not refute it.

This is kind of ironic because when I started writing, I wanted to write Christian fiction. But because I didn’t research the premise, I steered away from it. Now, there might be other books who try to push religion, and there are some that do not. Again, I haven’t read any of them to discern the difference. As a writer and reader, I need to appreciate all works of fiction, no matter the genre.


4 thoughts on “2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Religion

  1. Controversial indeed. I’m not religious, but I write about religion and the Bible and Christianity. I grew up and live in the south, and it is such a part of our world. I tend to write about what I know, so Christianity and religion often slips into my work, although I would not consider myself a Christian writer at all. Great post.


  2. I would say I am a Christian. I follow Christ. Not sure if that would necessarily qualify as religious.
    I’m not sure what you meant in your post. If you have not read any Christian fiction, nor researched it, how can you know what it is saying or promoting? In the “Left Behind Series” the stories I’ve read adhere closely to the teachings in the Bible. You should read both and then give an opinion.


    1. I agree. I haven’t done any research, so I don’t know what is being said, which was my point. People make assumptions based on a number of facets, including religion. I think people can be religious, meaning they attend church services, volunteer at church functions, do all these things that they believe what God expects, but still not have the right motives behind them.

      So, when I made the correlation between religion and writing, it was all assumption, which is wrong. I made the point, to myself as well, to read as much as we can so we can have a better understanding of a genre. What to do and what not to do.

      I apologize if I offended you.


  3. To keep with the theme: I was brought up a catholic, now class myself as agnostic.

    I identified with the comment on Revelations – its the one New Testament book about which there is serious disagreement. I can totally understand why anyone – christian or otherwise – might find the subject matter of End of Days as described in great detail in Revelations, one they choose not to read. Equally, Donna Smith has a very valid point that we shouldn’t judge without reading, but truth is that we are human and we are inclined not to read that which isn’t to our taste. For example, I don’t like chick-lit. Books which are marketed as such will just have me step over them. No-one seems unduly bothered by that choice of mine though.

    I am interested to know what is meant by christian fiction. Is it fiction which will not contain/refer to those behaviours or parts of society which do not meet with christian teachings – in broad terms, no bad language, no sex before marriage, no LGBT etc? Or is it fiction which is used to spread or inform of a particular christian teaching?


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