2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: T is for Technology

AtoZDay20If you’re at a Starbucks or a bookstore, look around and see how many people are on a laptop or smartphone or tablet. Just about everything we saw in science-fiction movies forty years ago has become reality. (Still waiting on the hover boards and lightsabers.) It’s astounding how much technology has integrated into our lives. We can’t go out of the house without our smartphone or MP3 player or an e-reader in hand. And the funny thing is that we only just scratched the surface. We have cars with built-in wi-fi, electric cars, smart watches, drones. And there’s more to come.

Writers and technology have a relationship that spans centuries. Back then, there was no pen and paper until the Chinese came along. When the printing press was invented, it was considered modern technology. Fast forward several hundred years, and look where we are. We have software for dictation and typing stories. We have apps on our smartphones for notes and journals. Even the pen and paper has evolved to writing on electronic notepads.

Writers are torn between old school and new school. Some prefer the feel of a pen in their hand brushing against paper, while others prefer the feel of a keyboard, typing at blistering speeds. For me, I’m indifferent to using one over the other. Sometimes, I work better having pen and paper; sometimes the laptop is the only option. Regardless, it gets the job done.


2 thoughts on “2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: T is for Technology

  1. I love to write with a fountain pen on good quality paper. But I cannot keep up with my thoughts that way, whereas I can type that fast. So, I write my journal in ink, but do everything else on the laptop.


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