2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: U is for Unlimited

AtoZDay21In my line of work, the word “unlimited” carries a lot of weight. Unlimited calls, unlimited text messages, unlimited streaming, unlimited data. (Especially the unlimited data, which–trade secret–is not truly unlimited.) Yeah, “unlimited” is a very big deal. In the corporate world, there’s talk of unlimited potential. In the fields of science and art, there are unlimited ideas. The talk of “unlimited” is, well, unlimited.

Certainly all that applies when it comes to writing. (Maybe not so much in terms of tech-talk.) There are millions and millions of ideas floating around in our brains; characters, stories, themes. Sure, 100% of them have been told before, but we all have our own versions. That’s the beauty of writing. We have unlimited power to make a difference in the world, to be informative and inquisitive of the world around us, or to entertain the masses in our own unique way.

When I wrote my Detective Falcon stories, I had so many ideas about where to take him next. My writing evolved when I got into college, changing my major. My professors made me realize that I have unlimited potential to create something beautiful. I had ideas and dreams that I believed would carry me far. But somewhere along the way, I stopped believing. After realizing my degree was too limited, I felt discouraged. I didn’t seek out what I could do. I missed out on opportunities to further evolve my writing, to turn my “unlimited” items into fruit. It’s only later in life that I got back that passion and tapped into that unlimited potential. Now, I have more ideas for stories, and potential novels. Will any of them come to fruition? Who knows? But it shouldn’t stop me, or anyone else, from exploring those ideas.

We all have unlimited potential to write something beautiful, to be someone great. As long as we believe that, we will go far.


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