The Union

Short Story Prompt 9

This is for the Short Story and Flash Fiction Society contest. This is my first entry into their contests. I hope it goes well.

Nadia and Chase stood in the gazebo, him with his sky blue eyes, hers copper-toned. The glints in their eyes danced. It was the same look they had after their first date, and again when Chase proposed. Now, it was official. They could start their new lives together. Chase wrapped his arms around her waist, but Nadia pushed them away. Instead, she grabbed a bottle from the floor and pressed it close to her chest.

“It’s time,” Nadia said.

“Are you sure you want to do this? We just got married,” replied Chase. “And what if someone asks?”

“Well…we’ll say it broke on the flight back. I’m sure someone will replace it for us.”

Chase glanced at the vase, thin at the neck with an oblong bulb. It was full of sand, pink and green, their favorite colors, mixed together. Chase grabbed the vase from her, clutching the neck. He sighed.

“All right. Let’s go.”

Nadia and Chase kissed, then walked to the shore. The sun, drifting into the ocean, tinted the sky a rose and amber hue. The wind howled, lifting Nadia’s train and tossing her pale white veil and flame-red hair. They shielded their eyes from the sand shooting up. Nadia lifted her feet and took off her slippers. Chase slipped off his loafers and pulled off his dress socks. They were calf-high into the ocean. They turned to each other, giving off the same starry-eyed look as before. Nadia’s “it’s okay” was silent, as was Chase’s “thank you.” He pulled the cork from the vase and tipped it over. The sand fell fast and flew faster as it caught the wind. Chase sniffled. Nadia caught a tear running down her cheek. After the last of the sand flew, Chase threw the vase into the ocean. It tossed and floated further from the shore. They walked back toward the gazebo. They did not care the tuxedo and dress were ruined. They kissed again.

“Do you think Emily would be happy?” asked Chase.

“I do.”


2 thoughts on “The Union

  1. Wedding scenes are always tricky to read (and write!), but I like the way you handle the details. Many of them belie that more somber tone whose payoff comes at the end. The “I do” at the end is a really nice touch for this moment, too, circling back to the idea of the marriage vows.
    Good luck with the contest!


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