How to Write With All Five Senses

I often forget using the senses is vital to make writing pop. After reading, I will definitely try to incorporate more into my work.

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Description With All Five Senses

This might be a little grade school for some of you. Or you might think it’s a little grade school. Frankly, I think we could all stand to be reminded. So there you go.

When you are describing something, it looks a certain way. Yes indeedy. We get that. We got it three paragraphs ago. We got the visual flavor of this city through your description of Corinthian columns, crenellated parapets, vast marble blocks that take twelve oxen a week to tow anywhere useful.

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One thought on “How to Write With All Five Senses

  1. I love using the smell sense, but I like writing visceral stuff. The great bit with writing for the senses is that there are so many verbs that can take the place of the boring “to be” we’re often told to avoid, as writers: words like stroke, smother, and quell are great at evoking extra senses as well as their straight-up action.

    Good luck!


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