Month in Review: July

The dog days are summer almost done, thank goodness. At least where I’m at, parents and kids are buying school supplies–which is the equivalent of Christmas to a writer. Normally I would be buying composition books and pens, particularly one type of pen. But I’ve staved the urge this year.


So, it’s about time I come up with something original. As exhilarating and inspirational as some of these posts from others that I’ve put on my blog, I need something fresh. And as I write this post, a question arises. Why am I in such a hurry to write this? What’s driving me? And why […]

And Equality For All

I feel compelled to insert my two cents on some topics gnawing at my conscience. I try not to discuss the politics of certain subjects because I seem to dig holes that are impossible to climb. And everyone is passionate about the underlying issues involved, almost to the point of radicalism. I’ve lost a few […]