Broken-Hearted and Broken Glasses

WIN_20150816_210532I wish I could say that this past weekend, I attended my first Atlanta Writers Club meeting, and that I learned a lot from the first meeting alone and met some new friends and participated in all the things writers do. But alas, that was not meant to be. Saturday morning, two hours before I was supposed to be leaving for the meeting, I broke my glasses while cleaning them. And this wasn’t a simple “the lens popped out of the frame” thing; the frame cracked. I was so devastated. I’ve been looking forward to attending this meeting all week. I wrote entries in my One Day app about it. But the glasses had to come first. It wasn’t as if I couldn’t see without them. But I wouldn’t be able to focus on whatever notes I needed to take. So, I had to get this done.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to drive to my appointment. Like I said, my vision wasn’t completely limited. And I was lucky there was a doctor who was able to see me. And I did need to see an eye doctor at some point in time. I hadn’t had an eye appointment in over five years; the same time I got my last pair of glasses. I had talked about scheduling an appointment for two years, but never got around to it. Insert whatever excuse fits the situation.

So, I got the exam done, which was a little more detailed than just reading the letters from a chart. The doctor shot air into the eyeballs to check for cataracts. Then, I read the letters from the chart. The check for clarity was next, followed by getting my pupils dilated, which was the worst part of the exam. No cool pair of paper sunglasses can take away from having my vision mostly blurred. But before the dilation really took hold, I looked at some frames. I was content on just getting an inexpensive pair of frames; thick, durable, plastic ones. After about thirty minutes, the doctor showed me back into the exam room and had me follow a light with just my eyes. Next to the dilation, doing this test was no fun as the “burning” lasts for a few moments.

After all the testing was done, it was time to see the optician and pick out my new pairs of frames. I needed a brand new pair to replace the broken ones, and a pair in which the lenses would fit. Finding a frame to fit my lenses was no problem. He popped out the test lenses and snapped my lenses as if it was nothing. Next was the actual replacement. I told the optician I wanted the least expensive pair of frames. He looked at me as if I was pulling his leg. I wasn’t. But he kindly told me that the amount my insurance covered for frames would be wasted on a cheap pair of frames. I hadn’t known; I never understood the benefits of my vision insurance as I hadn’t hardly had to use it. So the optician showed off some fashionable ones well within my coverage and one just outside my coverage. It was a pair of wire frames with metallic temples. The company that made these glasses was very reputable and the quality was outstanding. Another big selling point: magnetic sunglass clips came with the frames. It was kind of hard to tell how the frames looked on my face because my eyes were completely dilated. My iPhone looked all blurry. Thank goodness for the paper sunglasses, I suppose, and the replacement glasses. I liked the polished metal look. And they were durable. The optician bent them and they sprang back into place. I picked those.

The new frames will arrive in about a week. In the meantime, I’m wearing the backup frames, and I’m getting complements on them. I can’t wait until the new frames come.

As for the Atlanta Writers Club meeting, I plan on attending one before the year is up. And eventually, I will join the club. It’s my Father’s Day gift from the family. If I have to, I’ll schedule a Saturday off so I can attend. I just hope nothing else breaks down in the meantime.


4 thoughts on “Broken-Hearted and Broken Glasses

  1. I love getting a new pair of glasses, but unlike you if mine break I’m completely blind.

    I wish I wasin Atlanta and could go to the writer’s club with you. I still haven’t found a tribe of writers in Montgomery (I haven’t looked too hard yet).

    I hope you’ll post some photos with your new glasses!


  2. That’s a bummer you had to miss out.
    If my glasses broke and I didn’t have my back ups, I’d be screwed. I can’t see anything past 6 inches clearly. The first time I saw a new doctor, they took my glasses and told me to read the clearest line. I said “The giant E is a blur I can’t even read and I only know it’s there because it’s always at the top.”


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune, but it sounds like this was a long-needed excursion to the eye doctor and optometrist. Lucky that you could get it done in one place, too! I completely sympathize with the vision insurance bit – I have been bad about using it, myself. And, you’ve prompted me to make an appointment for my own vision. So, good on you for passing forward the karma.

    I hope you do get to go to a writer’s conference before the year is out. I think you would get a lot out of the experience, especially “seeing” as how you’re so dedicated to growing your craft. 🙂


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