Month in Review: September

I nearly forgot to do a month in review post for this past month. I guess that’s what happens when you get so busy with work, writing, and vacation. Truth be told, since I wrote a post a few days ago, my thought was not on doing my checkup. Especially since I don’t feel like nothing has changed. And honestly, I’m starting to get burned out on writing. I know writers struggle with that feeling every once in a while, and now I think it’s hitting me. 

I should look on the bright side. I am starting to overcome a fear of perfectionism. For years, I struggled with putting stories on a laptop


One thought on “Month in Review: September

  1. Hopefully, you are regaining balance in your writerly life, George. Some of us write every day, others do it as the fancy (and time!) allows. The important bit is to keep imagining, playing with words, keeping your stories alive, even if they’re just in your head, for now. They’ll find their way to paper eventually.

    Good luck!


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