Month in Review: November

By about this time tomorrow, another year of NaNo will be in the books. Some will cheer and some will bow their heads in shame. And even among the victorious, there will be those who don’t feel that sense of accomplishment. And there is a percentage of the writing populous that will regret not participating […]

What I’m Thankful For

My family has a tradition on Thanksgiving Day. As we pray over the food, each member of the family names one thing they are thankful for. For this post, I am going to name five things. These are in no particular order, so here goes: God. I make no qualms about my faith. Although I […]

Where Have All the Stories Gone?

As I was going through my notifications, I clicked on a person who liked my latest post and skimmed her blog. This one post really stood out. She wrote about her photography. She mentioned that she wanted to get back to posting pictures of subjects she forgotten about. Lately, I’ve been thinking about this blog […]

Rock the Vote

I normally don’t talk politics, but I feel compelled to write a little something from a little ordeal I encountered. Yesterday, I woke up early to vote in my city’s and county’s elections. I had to go to two places to cast my ballots. One, at City Hall. Two, at the American Legion. It was […]

Month in Review: October

As I’m writing this post, NaNoWriMo is up and running. And no, I’m not participating in it this year. When the time is right, I will. But for now, I’m content with cheering from the sidelines. At the same time, I will try to write every day this month in an attempt to develop good […]