2016 A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 

 I can’t believe April is almost here. Which means it’s almost time for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. For those unfamiliar with it, I will blog on various topics corresponding to every letter of the alphabet, every day except Sunday.

I participated in my first challenge last year; the same year I started my new blog. I was hesitant to do this challenge. I didn’t know what to post every day, let alone who would want to read my opinion on the topics I picked. If not for the administrators of the StoryDam chats on Twitter, it wouldn’t even be a thought. But I’m glad I did, and I have those admins to thank.

So, this will be my second year in the A to Z Challenge. Like last year, there won’t be a particular theme. I’ll be covering topics personal to me and they correlate with my writing. From writing communities to authors to emulate, from short stories to learning what takes to be a writer. This year is going to be tougher because there is a slew of new topics to cover. And this year, I will try to be more direct while shortening my content.

I wish the best to everyone participating in this year’s challenge. I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs and learning more about you as writers and fellow bloggers.

I will say the one mistake in not fully enjoying this challenge is following other bloggers and expanding my horizons. My goal this year is to find other bloggers with passion different from my own. As the old saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.” So far, I found a couple of new bloggers to follow. And I hope to find more that interest me as we undergo this challenge together.

Why say you? Is this your first challenge or have you done this before? What do you hope to gain by the end of the challenge?


17 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 

  1. This is my first challenge and I hope to form new blogging relationships as well as a develop a consistent writing routine.

    I look forward to following your posts through the month.


    1. Thank you, Patricia. I know this is only my second year doing this challenge, but my goal this year is to learn more about the bloggers participating in the challenge this year and follow more bloggers.


  2. Welcome back to the challenge, G.R.! This will be my 5th year participating, and I’ve chosen themes every year since it helps me focus my writing. I have made almost all of my A to Z blog posts into books, in fact, so I’m a big fan of themes. Looking forward to reading your blogs this year, as a fellow 10 Minute Novelist. 🙂


  3. Like Laura, this is my fifth year, and each year I have had a theme. I just find it easier to know what I’m doing in advance! and that is something I only learned in about Year 3 of the Challenge – to schedule my posts as far in advance as I could, and then I would have time to visit other people’s blogs and not feel under pressure. I have been away from blogging for a while, so I’m hoping that the Challenge will kick-start me back into blogging daily. Have a great Challenge!

    Ros, visiting from GenWestUK


    1. Thank you, Ros. I had a lot of fun with the challenge last year, but it did get a little overwhelming trying to create posts on the fly. And I didn’t get a chance to visit bloggers. I’m hoping to avoid that this year. I’ve prepped just about all my posts, so I can focus on getting to know more bloggers on WordPress and beyond.

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  4. Welcome back to the challenge! I’m sure you’ll have lots fun again and I agree with you, one of the great things about the A to Z are the bloggers themselves 😊

    Andrea, volunteer in co-host Damyanti’s fab D Company


  5. It’s my third time, and I am in a little deeper than the other years. I’m a minion with one of the co-hosts. Can’t imagine April without doing the A-Z!

    All the best to you for an enjoyable and successful challenge,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016.


  6. This is my 3rd A-Z. I wasn’t going to do one this year, as I am out of the country and my time (should) be taken up with other things, but I couldn’t resist. This year it will be Driving like a Brit as I try to pass the UK road test! Good luck with the challenge! Gail at Making Life An Art


  7. I won’t be taking part in the alphabet challenge. Truth be told, I never have. I do believe, however, that this may be something that will help you center on a routine with your writing. After what you said in the comment section of my last post, this is something you lack. With this mentioned though, I do understand that you may have purposely decided not to have a strong writing habit. Anyway, the challenge may give you that chance to explore this option. If nothing else, have a blast with the topics you discover this coming month. 😀


    1. You’re absolutely right. Finding a routine is a struggle. I work crazy hours at my day job, I help out around the house when I’m at home, and because of “weird wiring,” I have to have a set amount of sleep. The sleep thing can be altered if I plan it correctly.

      As far as the challenge goes, I prepped my posts and are ready to go. So, I don’t have to worry about those and can focus on journaling and writing stories. Perhaps, I can work out a schedule that fits my life.


  8. It’s my first year, and I’m trying to do a few posts ahead. I was able to do some of my other writing, but now that’s fallen to the side while I try to read other people’s blogs! I have done Morning Pages off and on for a few years, and I do find that it helps with my focus. I’m not sure it has made much of a difference in my actual pen on paper writing, though. I’ll be interested to see if it works out for you.


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