A Little Update Before the Challenge

In a few days, the A to Z Challenge begins once more. As I’ve said before, this will be my second year participating in this challenge. I won’t go into the details about my theme, or lack thereof. All I hope is that the posts will be informative and entertaining. Last year, I made the mistake of trying to do them as the day approaches, and I would miss a day. So, to avoid that, and to fully engage in the challenge, i wrote two or three posts a day, scheduling them ahead of time. As the challenge nears, I read over them, making changes here and there. So, now they’re ready to go. 

Now that I have said my peace about the challenge, I wanted to share something that’s been disturbing me. I knew it was there, but didn’t want to confirm it until I read a few blogs on the subject. Since I’ve been preparing for the challenge, the rest of my writing has been nonexistent. Outside of the theme reveal last week, I haven’t posted anything on my blog in weeks. I fell out of practice with writing in my journal. (By journal, I mean the One Day app.) And I haven’t completed any stories. I started two stories on my One Day app, and haven’t finished them.

I was so focused on preparing for this challenge that I neglected the rest of my writing. I haven’t had the ummph to write anything outside of those posts. But now that I have them set, I can start getting back into the habit of writing. I can start getting into a routine of writing every day, which is a struggle in of itself. I have an erratic schedule at my day job. I also have responsibilities to uphold with my family. And because of some “weird wiring,” I have to adhere to a strict sleep schedule.

That being said, finding time to write is essential. I love writing. And I get a thrill when I’m in the zone. It’s hard to find a stopping point when I’m there. So, I am coming to the realization that finding that writing is going to require some sacrifices.

For instance, I may have to wake up before everybody else to get in some writing. My cousin suggested doing “Morning Pages.” I’ve heard of this before from other bloggers. I think it’s time to get serious about it. And not just write my entries on my iPhone, but actually pull out my notebook and pen. With work, I am going to use my lunch break to write in my One Day app or Evernote, ideas for stories or write out sections of a work in progress–after I eat, of course. Speaking of One Day, I cannot use it to replace my laptop. Some stories are going to be too long for it. And spacing it out between days is cumbersome. I guess that’s where I have to focus on stopping points and word counts.

So, that is what I’m going through right now. I felt like I should share a little something to those who follow me so as to not think I vanished until the A to Z Challenge starts. Hopefully, now that the posts are ready, I can start on getting a routine together. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “A Little Update Before the Challenge

  1. Yeah, George. I got all my posts done in advance, too. But soon after I started my blog, I decided to work about a month in advance anyway, so I’d never be stressed out by a blog deadline coming up. I devote the first 3 or 4 days of the week to the blog, and the rest of the week to my other projects.
    I’m also mentioning morning pages on J Day in my post about journaling. It’s a good practice. I’m not doing it now, but I do it occasionally when my mind is cluttered.


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