2016 A to Z Challenge: I is for Idols


This is probably one of the more difficult posts on this year’s challenge. I really don’t have idols in my writing. There are some writers I wish to emulate:

  • Harper Lee. I remember reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” in my freshman year of high school. Her storytelling was so fascinating. I guess if I am to write Southern fiction, she is an author I would have liked to learn from.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald. “The Great Gatsby” is one of my favorite books.
  • John Green. I’m not a big YA reader, but I think he does very well in steering away from the melodramatic and his characters are real.

Those are just a few authors I suppose I want to model my writing style on. I know no one can really imitate authors’ style and voice. In the end, we have to develop our own style and find out voice.

What about you? Who are your idols?


4 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge: I is for Idols

  1. Hello from A to Z, George. I admire many authors for their writing style but rather than try to emulate their style, I just try to cultivate my own style to the best of my abilities.


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