2016 A to Z Challenge: M is for Muse


It’s interesting in the creative world, we have developed this concept of a muse; a being representing inspiration. We feel the muse is present when we’re at our best creating whatever, and is absent whenever we’re stagnant. It’s a fickle little thing, or big.

I think the concept of the muse is funny. I think what’s funnier is how we try to give form to the muse. For some, it’s a human being. Others, it’s an animal. And for some, it’s a voice inside our head. Whatever it may be, I believe the muse chooses its form; we can’t willingly choose it for him, or her. I tried, and I think it rejected my notion. Oh well.

Whatever the case, the muse represents inspiration and a desire to create; both of which comes as they please. Sometimes, the muse comes at inopportune moments. And sometimes, it’s right there when we need it. In any event, we cannot control when it comes and when it goes. It’s a matter of taking advantage of it when it’s “present.”

What about you? What’s your muse? Does it have a form?


4 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge: M is for Muse

  1. I like the muse as a metaphorical concept for the different states of writing. I shy away from the idea of being given inspiration but so many people use the muse idea that you can’t really avoid it.


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