2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Midpoint Assessment

As the A to Z Challenge rolls on, I thought it would be nice to assess where I am. I wrote my posts ahead of time since my daily life leaves me little time to write. I would say that so far, it’s been received quite well. I received likes and commentary from fellow WordPress bloggers as well as other bloggers. (The most likes I got from a blog post is 14. Have to look at my notification tab to see which one broke my previous record of 13.) 

Since I prepped and scheduled my blogs, it gave me opportunity to visit other blogs. And boy, I found some good ones. Some post individual short stories. Some post stories as part of a series. Some post poems. Some post snippets of advice and experience on a particular subject.

Last year, because I wrote posts the day of, sometimes two a day, I didn’t really take advantage of visiting other blogs. And I didn’t know how others would respond to my posts. I regretted that because I wanted to be fully vested in the challenge. I think what kept me from burnout was that I didn’t put a ton of pressure on myself. I wanted to finish the challenge, yes. And I would be bummed if I didn’t see it all the way through. At the same time, I felt no extreme amount of pressure to finish. I had fun writing the posts, just like this year. And now, I can enjoy it more because I discovered some amusing blogs by some wonderful writers. But I must be careful in not comparing myself to others. As I said in my “J is for Juxtaposition” post, it’s easy to do, but no two paths are similar.

So, that’s my midpoint assessment. I look forward to reading more posts from fellow bloggers. And I hope bloggers are enjoying my snippets of knowledge. Until then…


2 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge: Midpoint Assessment

  1. Kudos for learning from last year and writing your posts ahead of time. I did a similar challenge a year or two ago and still didn’t learn my lesson – still carving out time each day and trying to get a little ahead when I can. I also need to cut down on length of articles, I think, but I am having trouble treating the posts for this challenge any differently than non-challenge posts. Agree I did not factor in how much time responding to other posts would take. But that is the most valuable part of the challenge IMO. So – back to commenting!


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