2016 A to Z Challenge: S is for Scenery


One of my favorite cartoons is Looney Tunes. In one cartoon short (spoiler), Bugs Bunny is playing around with Daffy Duck, redrawing in different scenarios. My favorite is him as a walking flower with a flag sticking out that subtlety says “screwball.” But what sticks out to me the most is Bugs changing the scenery on Daffy. It got me thinking how important is scenery in media, especially writing.

Scenery is one of those aspects that can make or break a story. In some cases, scenery can be what drives plot. And every genre has a “set” of backgrounds at his disposal. For example, most science-fiction books either take place on a distant planet or a dimension similar to ours, with some changes. Contemporary novels have a wide range of scenery depending on the context. The good thing about scenery is that you can play with it to make for some interesting locales. But I think the key is to make sure it’s plausible.

Scenery can be a tricky thing. But if worked right, it can make a novel shine.

What say you? Do you think scenery can make a story stand out?


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