2016 A to Z Challenge: T is for Twitter


Social media has blossomed into a community all its own. Many platforms like Facebook and Google Plus have used these platforms to their advantage. Writers, in particular, have seen the social advantages of these platforms, creating communities among its peers. I think out of all the social media sites writers use, I think Twitter is the best. Not only have relationships developed because of it, the premise of Twitter has become a challenge, in a good way. I mean, a person has 140 characters to say what they want to say. That means no wasting words. He has to get his point across. That’s beneficial for writers.

Since I joined Twitter two years ago, I found it to be the best platform for me. I’m normally a get-to-the-point person, so Twitter works for me. It’s also been beneficial for finding writers working on getting published or who are starting out writing. It’s a way to get to know them personally without meeting face-to-face. Although sometimes, I would like to meet these people in person.

What about you? Do you use Twitter to develop your fanbase? Has it been advantageous?


4 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge: T is for Twitter

  1. Of all the T words, I totally forgot about Twitter! And I post my posts on there.

    I actually enjoy it as well. I’ve found I love live-tweeting shows. I don’t know if it’s doing anything for my “platform,” but it’s a great way to have conversations with people.

    A Bit to Read


  2. I use Twitter but see it as a secondary platform to Facebook. I have linked my twitter account, so everything I post on Facebook, automatically posts on Twitter. I haven’t found either platform especially helpful in building my profile. I mean they have helped but not significantly or dramatically-not as much as I had hoped, and certainly not in away which has translated into book sales. I can’t even get my F & F to share my stuff, subscribe to me blog, follow me or whatever, so it’s unsurprising that I’m still struggling to breakthrough.

    I would like to better utilize Twitter and other social media platforms, but I lack both the time and the expertise.


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