2016 A to Z Challenge: V is for Voice


Voice is, if not one of, the most difficult qualities to develop. It’s not something that can developed right away, but it is essential in the writing process. After reading posts from writing websites, there are some universal statements. One, voice in writing is difficult to define because everyone’s voice is unique. Two, it’s part of a writer’s style, but at the same time, has nothing to do with style. And three, it takes a lot of writing to find your own voice.

When we write, our voice is poured out on paper. Whether it’s blog posts, or journal entries, or stories, we present our voice for the world to hear. And that takes time and work.

What about you? Have you discovered your voice?


3 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge: V is for Voice

    1. I hear so many people talk about voice and how it may or may not be authentic. But you’re right; everyone’s voice is unique to them. There may be some similarities, but the differences are what shine.


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