Teacher Appreciation Week

Good day, everyone. Hope everyone had a good April. The A to Z Challenge is done for the year. I had a blast doing it, but I’ll share more about it next week in the Reflection post.

In the meantime…

I went through the Twitter feed and learned this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Seems fitting since the school year is winding down for the majority of schools nationwide. A little factoid about me few people know: Creative Writing was not my first major; Education was. I wanted to be a teacher. I wasn’t sure what level. All I knew was that I wanted to be a role model for someone. (Being a parent, I can still fill the “role model” position.) But I felt writing tugging at my heart, so I changed my major when I changed schools. Still, there was, is, a part of me that wants to teach kids that there are better ways to express themselves. I use writing. What their avenue is is up to them.

Skimming through Twitter posts about teachers that inspired people I follow, I thought about teachers who inspired me in my life. Six come to mind. In no particular order…

  • Mrs. Sharon Yates. She was my middle school English teacher. She was a contributing factor in the encouragement of writing my “Detective Falcon” stories, as silly as they were.
  • Mrs. Barbara Summers. She was my high school Spanish teacher, and I served as her aide my Senior year. She taught me how to have patience and compassion for those who didn’t grasp concepts right away.
  • Mrs. Rebecca Houser. I was lucky enough to have her as both my English and Theatre teacher in high school. I owe my love of literature to her.
  • Mr. Ray Paris. Probably one of the toughest and most ornery teachers I ever had. I had him for Algebra II. He was not one to shy away from his feelings when students were out of line. That can be good or bad. But you knew where you stood with him. I appreciated that.
  • Mrs. Anna Schachner. (I think that’s how her last name is spelled.) She was one of the editors of my first college’s literary magazine. When I was in limbo about my field of study, she encouraged me to submit a story and poem I wrote to the magazine. It was published, and it was then that I decided to change my major.
  • Dr. John Holman. He was the head of the English Department’s Creative Writing program. He encouraged me and pushed me to write beyond what I knew and to keep learning about writing.

I owe my passion for writing and my ideals about life to these individuals. Some of them have probably retired since my tenure. I do think about where they atte and how they’re doing. And my hope is that they’re proud of the man and writer they came to know as a student.


3 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. This is a such a wonderful post! Teachers can have such an impact on our lives in any number of ways. You have me wondering who would be on my list of most influential teachers of my time.


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