2016 A to Z Challenge: Reflections

Hello, fellow bloggers.

So, another A to Z Challenge is in the books. I have to say that this year was tougher, and this is only my second year doing this challenge.

So, let’s start with some ways I could have done better. First off, coming up with topics was more difficult.  I had to bring in some help for brainstorming. That’s where my Twitter followers came through. They threw some words my way, and I picked what worked best for me. Kudos to them. Second, the posts themselves could have been better. This go-around, I decided to prep my posts ahead of time, so I wouldn’t feel the need to write posts on-the-fly, making silly mistakes. Looking at them now, it felt no different than last year. I wanted to prep two to five posts at a time. As such, I rushed through them, without giving thought to editing. They were longer than what I wanted, like I was rambling. And I felt there were so many inconsistencies. I didn’t take the time to think about the topics thoroughly.

I feel like I got more out of this year’s challenge. One purpose is to find and follow new blogs in the hope of gaining an audience yourself. Last year, because I was so focused on getting my posts on my blog, I didn’t take the time to peruse the list of participants and see what they had to offer. This year, I bookmarked to A to Z website and picked out random blogs to read. Most were writing-related, but I found a few outside the realm. And as I found new blogs to follow, I gained new followers myself. But, it was frustrating that there wasn’t a way I could follow some of the blogs without being a member of that specific community. There was one or two I could keep up with through email. Most I had to bookmark. That isn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t have the patience of checking my laptop or iPhone every day for new posts. But to A to Z website maintains its list throughout the year, so I can see what bloggers generally post.

So, that’s my summary of this year’s A to Z Challenge. Overall, I got more out of it this year because I was able to do more. I can’t say if I would do it again next year. I probably won’t know until the new year starts. But maybe, I’ll have a draft of my novel completed. Then, that would be my theme. We’ll see. For now, take care. Until next year…maybe. 


6 thoughts on “2016 A to Z Challenge: Reflections

  1. I devote some of my daily writing time to my blog nearly every day. I work about a month in advance, so I had my posts done ahead of time–though I did go back and replace some of them with better ideas. I usually write two articles a week and put short things up the other days–like quotes, videos, and memes. But during April, I actually posted 13 original articles (though some photo- and video-heavy ones).


  2. I think I will do the A to Z Challenge again next year. I do love finding new blogs to read, and it helps authors get more readers as well. Kudos to you for finishing your 2nd year and sticking with it!


  3. I do notice many people don’t read other blogs…but yes, you get SO much more out of it. I’m wondering if you even have to post. Just have interesting blog posts that month and hang out and read as many blogs as you can. People might be confused as to how you found them, though!



  4. Just the thought of the a to z challenge make me cringe. I applaud your persistence to make it work to the end. Seeing you did this last year as well as this year, I bet you give in to do it again next year, George.


  5. Congratulations on completing the challenge! 🙂 It’s a tough one, but well worth it, I’d say. Where else can you meet so many interesting people all over the world? Sorry, I missed you in April, but I’m trying to make up for it through the A to Z Road Trip. Cheers!


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