Baby Steps in Branching Out

I promise this will be a short post.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Twitter chat session. Somehow, I got off tangent with the thread and talked about writing and reading in different genres. Because I hadn’t read other genres, I couldn’t write in other genres. But the moderator suggested I try flash fiction. Get a feel for writing in other genres, see if I like it. I still had my hesitations, but then a friend on Twitter told me that there are no set rules in genre fiction; at the core is character development.

So I thought, “Why not? It couldn’t hurt. It wasn’t as if no one would see it.” I researched a prompt on a Pinterest board–a science fiction prompt–and went from there. It took between thirty minutes to an hour to write. (I was writing during breaks and between customers.) I read it through and was pretty happy with it. I emailed the same Twitter friend who offered the advice. She liked it. A few days later, I wrote another piece. This one geared in the fantasy genre. No one’s seen that one, but I’m debating posting it. And this past weekend, I wrote another one in the same universe as my first story.

So, that what’s happened the past couple of weeks. It’s been fun writing in different genres. I even started looking up science fiction books to read, since that’s a particular genre of choice for male readers (more on that another time). I’ve also looked up fantasy books since I wrote that micro story. I bought a book called Red Rising. It looks interesting. A friend of mine recommended it. We’ll see, after I finish another book.

Being a good writer means writing and reading things in and out of your comfort zone. Before, it was merely thought. Now, it’s starting to become reality.


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps in Branching Out

  1. I had a hard time switching up genres, too. I typically write adult contemporary fiction. But after having kids and being exposed to fiction for children, I became curious about writing in that genre. So that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few years. I’ll go back to adult fiction eventually, but right now MG fiction is my favorite thing to write. Enjoy your new writing experience!


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