NaNo Rebel Update: Home Stretch Time

NaNo writers. NaNo Rebels. We are into the home stretch. Ten days of NaNoWriMo are left. I hope everyone is doing well. If not, hang in there. I’m here, as well as many other writers, to support and encourage.  This past week was not good for me, if it’s any consolation to those who are […]

NaNo Rebel Update: Week 2

How’s it going, my fellow rebels? Hopefully, well.  So at this point, the enthusiasm to write tapers. Writers hit a wall in their story where they don’t know where the story should go next. There are issues with plot holes and character development. All these things are typical in writing, whether you’re a plotter or […]

NaNo Rebel Update

NaNoWriMo has passed one week. I’ve been reading stats and progress reports of writers and Rebels alike. Having said that, I thought I would chime in on my progress.  On Monday, I finished the rough draft of “Carpe Nocturne,” a story where the title was attached to a story I thought about rewriting. But the […]

NaNo Rebels Unite!!

NaNo is off and running, so let me get this out of the way. Best of luck to everyone participating this year and I hope you reach your goals. On a recent post, I shared my reasons for not participating in NaNo. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing. I mentioned on my blog […]