NaNo Rebel Update

NaNoWriMo has passed one week. I’ve been reading stats and progress reports of writers and Rebels alike. Having said that, I thought I would chime in on my progress. 

On Monday, I finished the rough draft of “Carpe Nocturne,” a story where the title was attached to a story I thought about rewriting. But the writing powers-that-be slapped my creative side around and said to create a new story with that title. I ignored it for a while, but at some point, your creative side has to stop being so stubborn.

So, I decided to listen and give the title new life. I think the WPTB saw I had researched prompts on Pinterest and they pointed it out to my creative ego. I don’t think the CE was too keen on the prompts, so I decided to let Twitter decide the prompt. Three days later, they decided to use a 3AM wake-up call to drive the story. 

With the prompt set, it was time to iron out scenarios. But nothing was working. As I do sometimes, I aired my frustrations on Twitter. A fellow Rebel, Julie Reeser, offered this piece of advice:

“Just start writing. Don’t worry about plot so much.”

I’m paraphrasing, but the point was clear. I followed Julie’s advice and started pounding out words. All of a sudden, the words were flowing and I had my storyline. It took four days, writing during breaks and in between customers.

I finished the rough draft yesterday. So now I’m taking a couple of days off to let the story marinate. The next step is editing and getting the order right. Someone asked me if I was going to start writing something else. I said no only because I have two other stories that already have rough drafts. But I will look over them if I can find them on my journaling app. 

So that was last week. This week will be about pounding out an official first draft to share with fellow writers. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them after I have other writers read and critique them. I haven’t thought that far ahead. 

Best of luck to all my writer friends. 


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