NaNo Rebel Update: Week 2

How’s it going, my fellow rebels? Hopefully, well. 

So at this point, the enthusiasm to write tapers. Writers hit a wall in their story where they don’t know where the story should go next. There are issues with plot holes and character development. All these things are typical in writing, whether you’re a plotter or pantser, where you’re doing NaNo or not. The only thing I can do is to encourage you to keep writing. Maybe skip a chapter or jump to another scene. The objective is to keep the words flowing. 

Now, as I mentioned last post, I started drafting “Carpe Nocturne.” I’m happy to report that phase one is complete. I finished the rough draft. Of course, I took some time off to let it rest. Friday, I jumped into editing. I bought another 4-in-1 pen to work on it during my breaks. This weekend, I intended to start typing it out, but forgot my draft book. But I was determined to not let the weekend go to waste, so I went to work finishing one of the stories from months back. It’s nearly finished. (If I could type faster, I would be done.) As far as “Carpe Nocturne,” I’m still combing through edits and hope to get that story onto the laptop this week.

I must say that I am making good time on my plan. I must say, though, that scrounging up the energy to write is difficult. Working every day at either or both jobs is taxing. And giving rides to family drains me more. By the time all is said and done, I have nothing left. I’m working on a schedule to where I can make time to write in peace, but I haven’t found a suitable time. But I’m not giving up. 

So that’s where I stand this week.

What about you? What is your progress so far? Have you hit a writing wall? Do you have a plan to overcome it?


4 thoughts on “NaNo Rebel Update: Week 2

  1. I hit a writing wall a few months back and am still trying to find my way around it. I’ve been writing poetry lately, after many seasons away from it, and I’ve felt good about that. So maybe I needed a break from the crazy word counts I was posting earlier this year. I’m trying to focus on family, poetry, hometending, and other creative pursuits and listen for the quiet whisperings of my stories returning. Good luck with yours, and congrats on finishing a draft of your story!

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