If We Were Having Coffee: New Start

If we were having coffee, I’d welcome you to my house. I’d introduce my wife and children. The older is six, the younger is two. The tree is still up. Still waiting for the right day. If the kids get a little rowdy, I apologize. The older one is especially excited about the snow.  Second, I applaud you for coming despite the “apocalyptic” winter storm last night; nothing more than a dusting. But I’m more concerned about the ice. And you may or may not be able to leave because my house sits on a street in between two hills. Still, I commend your bravery.

If we were having coffee, I’d offer to make coffee using K-cups. There are a few scraggly options; most K-cups I have are either decaf and half-decaf. That is all my wife can have. Doctors ordered her to reduce her intake. And I’m trying to do the same thing. (My weakness is energy drinks.) There’s also unsweetened tea, milk, and water in the fridge. I wish I had apple cider because it’s my favorite beverage during this time of year.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the last days of 2016. It was a hard few days because I questioned writing and everything else in my life. I’d take out all the composition books marked as journals and draft books over the years. I thought about trashing them, but then I had a change of heart. I show you what I wrote throughout the years. Most of my books are halfway filled. The reason being that I would “lose” my notebooks and buy new ones, only to find them days later.

Writing-wise, last year was pretty good. I wrote some new stories, finished ones I started months ago. But then, I hark on my failures, like writing the first draft of my novel. The main reason why this goal was a bust was because I thought I could do it because everyone else was. From that, I share the biggest lesson I learned last year: don’t do something because everyone else is doing it. Interesting the lessons you learned as a child come back to you as an adult.

If we were having coffee, I would preface what I’m about to say next with, “I went back on my own word.” I wrote on my last blog entry that I would not share this year’s goals on social media. And that’s what I did Thursday. Well, one goal, so I’ll share it with you. I want to write in a genre different from my own. It’s leaning toward science fiction, but I’m allowing myself to be open with whatever else interests me.  Last year, I went back and forth with the idea. This year, I’m taking the plunge. Some writing friends on Twitter sent me links to science fiction groups and magazine websites. I’m researching some more once we’re done.

Lastly, I’d tell you about the new groups I joined. First is the 365 Writing Club on Facebook. The concept is that participants write each day to meet their personal word count. I set my count at 200 words. This first week, I exceeded my goal except Tuesday because I didn’t write that day. I’m working on carving time to write every day. We’ll see how next week goes. Second is the Insecure Writers Support Group. A friend on Twitter suggested I try my hand at it. I signed up on a whim, not having an understanding on what I was supposed to do. (Can you say insanity?) But I wrote my first post for the group and was received very well. I’m excited to see where this goes. And third is the Weekend Coffee Share group. I emailed the creator, asking if I could participate because most posts are from female bloggers. I was given her blessing, so expect more of these posts.

Well, that is all. I know it was a lot, but I am excited to what this year has to offer. Until next week, take care, God bless, and be safe on the road. Oh, and Happy New Year.


14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: New Start

  1. Thanks for the information about the Facebook writing group ..I might join to see what others are doing. I want to expand my skills this year, and this might help. Thanks for the coffee. I am sure I can fly home because I came on my magic carpet. Cheers!


  2. “… the biggest lesson I learned last year: don’t do something because everyone else is doing it.” That may be the most important lesson any of us ever learns G.R., and we generally have to keep “relearning” it. I hope whatever you tackle in your writing this year will bring you happiness and a sense of growth.


  3. Hi GR. I like everything you write except when you mention your wife and children. “The wife and kids” is not a great way to write about the people that love and cherish you. They are not cars or dogs. Sorry if this p**ses you off but I see intent and feeling engraved and inscribed in the very words that are used and chosen. All the best and actually those writers’ groups on FB sound fab. Maybe I will give them a go! HNY to you and your lovely wife and children 🙂

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    1. First of all, thank you for commenting. Second, I’m not pissed off about “the wife and kids” remark. Thank you for addressing the fact I need to choose my words more carefully. Overall, I am glad you enjoyed my post.

      By the way, I can’t find your blog. I would like to read some of your work.

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  4. Hello! I’m so glad I found someone else still holding on to their Christmas tree. Mine hasn’t started dropping needles yet so it will be here at least until next weekend. We had some snow here too but my children are college age so no longer feel the same excitement they used to. I kind of miss that. Will your son go sledding?

    Good luck with your writing goal. Personally, I love science fiction and fantasy writing. Although I read all kinds of books, now and then it’s relaxing to totally suspend reality and dive into pure imagination.

    Enjoy your week!

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  5. Great post, George. I like the rhythm of the paragraphs – it feels very much like a story! Have you ever thought about writing auto/biography or memoir stories, or pseudo-version of those? The Everyman voice is very clear in your style. Not every story needs to be high adventure. Some stories are good when they simply represent reality.

    Kudos on thinking hard about your writing goals and acting on making things happen. I need to take a page from your book and do that, myself.

    Happy writing!

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