Weekend Coffee Share: Working Out

Good afternoon.

It’s pretty wet right now. It’s not cold, but it’s nice to get a break from the unusual January weather. But if you know anything about Georgia, you know how erratic the weather can be. Now would be a good time for hot apple cider. Anyway…

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about my excursion to LA Fitness. My wife, sister-in-law, and I went this week to look at gyms nearby. We all have a goal of losing weight. (What else is new?) I had my reservations because 1) We were part of a gym years ago and we did not enjoy the experience; and 2) a place like that is marketed toward a younger crowd, and we, by no means, are.

Regardless, we toured the facility. They had some good points. The facility itself is close by, which makes it convenient for me because I work some crazy schedules. The machines are organized by muscle groups to work out. And they are well-maintained, as far as I can tell. They have a racquetball court and basketball court—neither of which I’ll be using. They have a pool that isn’t deep. They offer classes for all fitness levels. And most importantly, they offer childcare. Definite plus. We’re still looking into costs and other gyms nearby, but so far this looks like the place.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the week I had with my car. I was in an accident a couple of weeks ago. I got the car back on Monday. I was told that the car needed a battery soon. I thought, “Okay. I’ll get it done on this next paycheck.” Then, it started acting funny. Like it didn’t want to start. I was nervous because I only have one car, and I use it for just about everything. Fortunately, we worked out a plan to get it done Friday.

And if that wasn’t enough, I had to get my emissions and tags done this week. This couldn’t wait because my birthday is this coming Monday. And I’m working that day. And the tag office closest to me is closed on Monday. So, money was tight. But everything worked out. Thank goodness.

If we were having coffee, while we’re on the subject of working out, I’d tell you about my current WIP. Last week, I started a story but by the weekend, I decided it needed a fresh start. So I rewrote it this week and I have to say I’m more satisfied. Now to type it out on my laptop. I promised one of my critique partners a copy.

Now that I’m talking about these stories, it has me thinking about what to do with them. I don’t have a lot, but they’re just sitting in my flash drive with nowhere to go. I think if I wrote in different genres like horror or fantasy, I might be more inclined to enter these contests.

There are also writing sites where I can post them, but I wonder if it’s worth it. (I wrote a post about writing websites last week.) Bottom line is that I’m too chicken to post because I fear rejection. But many writers  say rejection is part of the writing process. And, to borrow from Bradbury, I’m bound to have one good story in me. So I need to put myself out there, and welcome rejection. It’s part of the maturation process of a writer.

That is all I have for today. If you want a copy of my latest story, drop me a line. I’ll be as quick as I can to send it you. Until next time, take care and God bless.


Author: G. R. McNeese

I'm originally from Illinois, currently residing in Georgia. I graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing. I am blessed with a supportive wife and family.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Working Out”

  1. I hear you on all the car stuff – glad it worked out ok!

    As for your fear of rejection, I’d say the big thing is not to take it personally. Sometimes an editor likes what you wrote, but it just doesn’t fit their publication, for instance.

    I think it’s great that your stories are beginning to pile up! And, btw, do you mind if I add you to the Story Brags page? It would be nice to have all the blogs for everyone who comes to #StoryDam chat all on one page. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Tui. It means a lot. And yes, you can add me to the Story Brags page. I am honored you considered me. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have a lot to brag about. I’m not a published author. I haven’t submitted anything current. I have my blog, but I don’t write in it every day. I see myself with a lot of writers starting out, even though I graduated with a degree in the field.

      Thank you, regardless. If I can be of encouragement to someone, that makes me happy.


  2. Rejection is part of the process, but it is still hard. I like the way you did this, like a coffee date! So cool. And have you looked at your local YMCA? We are members, and I don’t think I’d ever use another gym. They have so many amenities there, and actual real-looking people work out there. Plus childcare! I love our Y. I’m glad to see you’re writing a lot. You continue to be an inspiration to me.


  3. I’m glad you wrote this. Getting thoughts and fears and joys on paper (or into the computer) can really help with feeling more comfortable with your own writing. About writing on your blog daily, that might be more than you need to chew. Perhaps journaling daily or doing a certain number of words per day or just chilling and writing whatever pops into your mind would be less of a “work” assignment. I try to post at least once a week but even at that, I don’t feel bad if I’m late doing so. I need that time to proof my piece and the time after to research other bloggers, read, and like and/or reply to those I enjoy. I’m learning by reading other writers. That’s time well spent. So, all I’m saying is if you feel pressured by an internal “got to do it” thing, step back and see where your joy is. Then it’s not work. Thanks for writing this.


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