Would You Rather? Writer’s Edition

Hello there. So I was reading through my WordPress feed when I came across an interesting post. A blogging game from Rachel, a fellow blogger, called “Would You Rather?”.  Basically, she created a series of questions and answered them. No one was tagged, but she encouraged bloggers to play and that bloggers would link back […]

Weekend Coffee Share: Rest Time

Good morning, I’m afraid I don’t have much to talk about today. You might have noticed that the house feels a little more spacious. That’s because we’ve been purging the past few days. We’ve been clearing out the clutter, getting more organized. I have to say I feel a little calmer after the purge. At least, […]

“I Pledge Alligence…”

It’s been over 24 hours since the Atlanta Falcons gave the Super Bowl away to the New England Patriots. I’m still trying to work through the heartbreak, so I thought writing about it would be of some help. But I’m actually not going to talk about how they had the game and how they let […]

Weekend Coffee Share: Delayed While Preparing

Good afternoon, If we were having coffee, be prepared for company. I’m having a pre-Super Bowl party since I have to work that day. There’s chili, chicken, and root beer. We have family and friends over, and they will be happy to meet you. So while they’re occupied, let me share about my week. If […]