Would You Rather? Writer’s Edition

Hello there.

So I was reading through my WordPress feed when I came across an interesting post. A blogging game from Rachel, a fellow blogger, called “Would You Rather?”.  Basically, she created a series of questions and answered them. No one was tagged, but she encouraged bloggers to play and that bloggers would link back to her. I read the Reader’s Edition, which contained a link to the Writer’s Edition. (The Writers’ Edition she posted last month.)  If you want to participate, here’s the post.

So, here goes.

Would you rather go on a writing retreat in the middle of nowhere with no wi-fi or be in your own home being interrupted every so often by friends and family?

Tough question right out the gate. I say go on a writing retreat. As much as I enjoy the company of friends and family, it’s hard to make the time for writing. Recently, I made a trip to North Georgia where Internet connectivity was extremely limited and the GPS was not a lot of help. But along the way, we spotted some pretty fancy houses that would make for good places to house a weekend writing excursion.

Would you rather publish one best selling novel and never write again or multiple novels that don’t sell well or have average sales?

I’m going to the latter on this one. No doubt writing a novel is hard work and I want to have a best seller. But the thought of not writing another book is preposterous. So I may not have that best seller. So it may not reach a national audience. But I think I’d have more joy with people close to me read my book. Besides, there are so many ideas, I can’t imagine not being able to write them. 

Would you rather be a best seller with your real name and have people stopping you everywhere you go or a pen name where no one knows who you are?

I heard an interview with Nora Roberts, a romance novelist, on NPR on how she used a pen name to publish thrillers. It makes sense using a pen name, especially if you don’t want to be tied to one specific genre. But people have a way of figuring out who you really are, so I don’t see the point in a pen name. But that’s me.

Would you rather teach English/Creative Writing classes in high school or college?

I say high school. Quick story. Before I took up writing as a degree, I wanted to be a teacher. I thought elementary school, at first. Then I took Creative Writing classes and thought I could teach high school students the same thing. Also, one of the things I regret is not nurturing the writing bug when I was younger. I think Creative Writing in high school gives students an opportunity to express themselves in a constructive way. 

Would you rather only be able to write during the NaNoWriMo months (April, July, November) or only write five days per month?

Tough one. Writing five days per month suits me better because I don’t do well with writing every day. Add to the pressure of meeting a word count goal and I would shut down. Either situation presents opportunity to brainstorm and outline. But having the choice of which days to write suits me better. 

So that’s it for the Writer’s Edition. Next week, I’ll play the Reader’s Edition. And if you want to play, please do. And don’t forget to link back to me. I want to read your answers.

Until next time…


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