Weekend Coffee Share: Pushing Through the Doldrums

Good morning,

Nice to see you again. Please forgive my yawning. I woke up early to take my sister-in-law to work. Pick out your K-cup of choice, and I’ll get it ready for you.


Now that we’re settled, let’s get to it. 

I’ll be honest, I really don’t have a lot going on. But I did want to share something. Since joining the gym three months ago, I lost over forty pounds since last year. The best part is that I can fit into clothes that before, looked so bad on me. I can fit into size 38 pants again. It’s been two years since I wore anything size 38. But I’m still working to lose more weight. But I slacked off with going to gym every day. I need to get that energy back. I’m working on sculpting my chest. Maybe not to Mr. Olympia-like standard, but to where I don’t feel like they’re drooping.

The school year is down to the last few weeks. (I know the teachers are excited.) I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Zoe will be in first grade three months from now. Colleen put in a request for teachers. One of them was Zoe’s kindergarten teacher, who is moving up to first grade next year. So for the next three months, we have to come up with some activities. I’m trying to find some time in between where I can get a week off to enjoy the summer, but it’s not looking rather glum. I’ll have to be creative.

As far as my writing goes, I’m at a lull. I haven’t touched my story since last week. I’m still trying to find a writing contest or magazine accepting submissions. My writing friends gave me some suggestions, but they haven’t panned out. I haven’t done much writing in my journal and I haven’t done much in terms of planning future stories. I’m sure most writers go through these periods. At the same time, I don’t want to get too complacent. So I’m going to work on pushing through the same way I’m going to work up the energy to get back into my workout routine. Especially with summer fast approaching. I usually don’t do a lot of writing in that time. There’s usually too much going on.

While I’m on the subject of stories, I searched YouTube and Pinterest on writing good short stories. I watched videos and read posts from pins the past week. Most of the advice I know already, but it’s amazing how much I haven’t utilized. I felt like as much as my writing and non-writing complemented me on my stories, I felt like there’s something missing. I believe I can write better. I can be more creative. I need to take a day to sit and brainstorm. Maybe by the end of the session, I will have the building blocks for my next barbershop story.

If I may, I want to take you back to a few weeks ago. (There’s a reason for this.) When I was at work, I helped a customer with loading bookshelves into a rental truck. Casually, I asked the purpose for the shelves. She said it was for her office where she writes. That piqued my interest. We chatted about what we wrote and how we go about writing. I was happy to meet a fellow writer.

Fast forward to this week. One of the assistant managers at my store told me she writes. She had some poems published in magazines. It surprised me. But it goes to show that you never know who you’ll meet unless you get to know someone. I made a deal with her to exchange our works in the near future. I knew I liked this manager; now I know why. 

Well, that’s all for this week. I’m sorry I don’t have more to report. Maybe next week. In the meantime, I want to hear from you. What happened to you this week? Let me know in the comments. 

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Pushing Through the Doldrums

  1. Congratulations on sticking to your excercise routine. I know if I didn’t have my husband to motivate me, I would slack off quite often. He works out faithfully six days a week but for him, other than health, it is also a stress reducer (He is a counselor at a school so he spends most days listening to and trying to work through other people’s problems.) For me, it’s both an attempt to ward off middle age and lessen anxiety. Amazing what a little physical activity can accomplish, isn’t it?!

    It’s nice you have met some fellow writes. That seems like just the ticket to get you rolling again! Good luck and have a great week.


  2. Grade one brings so many changes in little minds. My son is just finishing grade one and he is reading short chapter books (currently working on “Galaxy Zack”)! It has been great to watch him reach this accomplishment and so many others that come with grade one. Anyway, lots of luck with your writing.


  3. Good job on your weight-loss and gym going. Not too exciting a week for me – 1st 3 digit temps of the year and getting stuck in backed up traffic were the main excitement of my week. Enjoy the week ahead.


  4. Sometimes we need a short break from writing. I feel that if I take a few days off, a number of things happen. One, if I use that time wisely, it can be a time when I recharge so I can come back to the page re-energized and ready to work. But this only works if I use that time to read or do other creative things that fuel my creativity. Two, I spend time thinking about my stories and come up with solutions I wouldn’t have thought of before. And three, new story ideas start whispering in my ear. So I think it’s wise to take a break now and then.

    I’m glad to hear you’re meeting fellow writers. I just attended a creative writing workshop at the local public library last night, and it was wonderful to be around other writers. I hope to go back and get to know everyone better. It was such an eclectic group of people–we had one person from England who is staying in the states for a few months, for example.

    Enjoy your break!


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