Weekend Coffee Share: Off the Ground Running

Good day, everyone.

I hope everyone had a good week. I’m out of the San Francisco Bay K-cups, but I do have Folgers. As for me, I’m having a Monster. I know it’s not the healthiest thing, but after waking up at 5:30 in the morning to take my sister-in-law to work, I need something. I did have some coffee, but it doesn’t always work for me.

So, this week has been a busy week. Zoe started school this Thursday as a first grader. Wow. That’s still hard to process. Zoe, a first grader. Her open house was Tuesday. Unfortunately I was working so I couldn’t partake in the “festivities.” I did get to meet the teacher the first day of school. And like last year, we drove Zoe to school and walked her to class. I think it’s important to savor these moments. One, when she gets older, she won’t want us to walk her to class. And two, she’ll be going to a different building where you can’t walk kids to their classroom. So, I take it all in.

I must say I am more concerned than last year. The obvious being, like me, she doesn’t do well with change. (Then again, who does?) While she has a couple of kids from her kindergarten class joining her, she’ll have to make new friends. She has a new teacher, which was highly recommended by fellow parents. Two, the class is not as diverse. She’s basically the only Black person in the class. There are a couple of Hispanic students, but that’s as diverse as it gets. But I think she’ll be fine. We’ve taught her as much as we can to respect people different from her. She has a caring heart for people. And that’s something I hope will stick with her.

As far as the curriculum, there is one change I like. They will be teaching Spanish. It’s believed that the younger you learn a skill, the more likely you’ll retain the knowledge. I wish when I was in elementary school, they taught Spanish. Back then, it wasn’t a big deal. There wasn’t an emphasis on being able to communicate in languages other than English. At least, that was the case with my upbringing. Even when I was in middle school, it was more of an elective than mandatory. So I’m glad they’re instilling the fundamentals into the students at such a young age.

So, as school has started, that means getting back into a routine. For Colleen and I, that means getting up before Zoe does. That’s not always easy with all that goes on in a day. So, I have to get up even earlier in order to get to the gym and get in a workout. And that entails making a schedule on what days I want to work out. I need to get back the zeal of putting in the work to keep losing weight.

Because of all that’s been going on, writing has taken a back seat. But not before I accomplished my goal of writing every day for a month. After that was done, I willingly took a day off to collect myself. In the span of writing in July, I wrote drafts of three new short stories. I aimed for four, but fell short. Still, I’m proud of myself. Two of the stories, I wrote in genres outside of what I usually write.

When I wrote those stories, the last thought I had was to edit and revise them. But now, I want to. Being a better writer requires it. Besides, the drafts were kind of all over the place. Nothing really coherent in the overall sense. So, I’ll be working on them as well as some flash fiction this month. The Flash Fiction Hive on Twitter is back with a new set of challenges. I will be participating in them a lot more than last time. The goal is still the same: to showcase them on my blog. When I do, I hope they will be well-received.

So, that’s all for this week. But don’t let me do all the talking. Please feel free to share what’s on your mind. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, take careā€¦


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Off the Ground Running

  1. My eldest is starting kindergarten next month. It’s a lot to process. She is very excited, and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, she loves to be challenged and I expect she’ll thrive, but it’s such a big part of her day that now shifts away from, well, me! A good thing for her, but a small feeling like I’m leaving her limelight, as well.
    We live in a rural area, with the advantage of small classes (she has seven classmates for kindergarten), but also a big lack of diversity. I do my best to make sure she is exposed to different cultures and to teach her to respect everyone for who they are, rather than who they aren’t, but I do worry. Rural areas are wonderful for kids to get close to nature, but the residents can be small-minded. In grade five she will be attending a larger school and I hope this will be less of a problem.


    1. For sure. I think as she moves up in grade level, the diversity will improve. But the district she’s in, there are a lot of parents willing to pay tuition for their children to get into the schools. And frankly, most of them are whites.


  2. My youngest is in 2nd grade this year. Her class is more diverse. Last year, she was one of two white children in her class. She goes to the most diverse school in our town, and I’m breaking the mold and sending her to public school where most people in our town send their kids to public school to avoid diversity (at least that’s my interpretation–I might be being judgy). She let me walk her into her classroom and didn’t want me to leave her. My boys rode the bus to their schools. So long, guys! It happens to quickly that they start pulling away from you. I can’t believe, I almost have a teenager. I’m so glad you have been a prolific writer this summer. I’m starting to get back into it again, and I forgot how much I missed it. Are you going to put your short stories in a book? I’m about to beta read a huge YA book. I’m hoping it will get me back onto the editing track. I started working a little on my novel again–baby steps.


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