The Chase (A Flash Fiction Hive Piece)

Good afternoon,

It’s been a good while since I’ve posted a story on this blog. So, it’s about time I change that. Today’s story comes from the Flash Fiction Hive on Twitter. For today’s prompt, I chose a favorite from this month and created a new story from it. I decided on the color prompt (August 4th). Hope you enjoy this one. 
Justin tied his shoes as he stared at the rising sun. Six in the morning was the best time to go jogging because he had the path all to himself. He walked the first leg of the winding trail, then picked up the pace. Halfway through, he spotted a Labrador. He froze at first glance of the beast. His glistening brown coat reflected the increasing brightness of the sun. Its barks were soft, but grew louder with each passing minute.

Justin’s legs shook, but he worked them to step back from the noisy creature. His mind raced back to the times the neighborhood dogs chased him and pounced on him. To a five-year-old, they were huge, but they were no different than the one in front of him right now.

With each step, it barked. His reverse steps grew more streamline until he noticed the Labrador starting to follow him. Justin turned and ran. He could hear the rapid tapping of the dog’s paws on the concrete He cut across the trail, leaving his shoe prints along the dew-covered grass. He wasn’t focused on navigating the trail back to his apartment. He just wanted to get away.

Justin started to feel his quadriceps tighten and stinging shoots to his right ankle. They reduced his steady stride to a hobble. Justin stopped and leaned against a shop. If he could reach his apartment a block away, he knew he would be safe. He looked back. There was no sign of the Labrador. He clutched his chest and limped to his apartment. But then, he heard something tap the sidewalk and what sounded like whimpering. The Labrador caught up to Justin, but it laid on its belly, licking its front paw. Justin frowned at his pursuer. He scooted toward it and kneeled down. He inspected the leg it was licking. There was a streak of blood across its leg. He padded the leg with the end of his shirt. The whimpering morphed to a small howl. He pulled back and just stroked its shiny fur.

The dog, despite its injury, panted in joy. Justin smiled back at it. He soon noticed a teal collar and a rose-colored tag hanging from it. Justin glanced at the tag, scanning for any means of contact. There was a name and number. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed. Someone picked up.

“Is this…Maia?”


“I found your dog.”


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