Hit the Ground Running: An IWSG Post

First of all, Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here. For some people, it couldn’t have come sooner. Time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Second, welcome to the first IWSG Post of the new year. For those of you new to my blog, the IWSG, or Insecure Writer’s Support Group encourages writers to share their writing journey—their triumphs and struggles—in order to encourage others on their own journey. I joined this group last year, not really knowing how encouraging I could be. But I really have received a lot of encouragement myself from the comments and likes I’ve received. I definitely encourage fellow writers to sign up and share their journey.

In these posts, you can either share something personal in your writing journey or answer an optional question provided by the administrators. This month, I’m answering the question.

What steps have you taken to put a schedule in place for your writing and publishing?

I’m pretty sure by this time, everyone has made resolutions and started acting on them. And if statistics prove true, most will give up on them within three months. This is merely speculation, so don’t quote me on it. But I think the main reason people give up on resolutions is that they can be too overwhelming. And the reason for that is that there’s no plan.

The same can be said of writers. The one resolution that resonates with everyone, including myself, is to write every day. Doing so trickles down to so many other resolutions:

  • Finishing a novel
  • Editing said novel
  • Writing a query letter and sending it to publishing agencies
  • Creating a blog/website
  • Creating a newsletter

But this is one resolution, I imagine, never really gets fulfilled. Like so many other resolutions, it can be a daunting task. But there might not be a schedule in place to see this through. Bug I think it goes beyond just having a schedule. There must be steps to take in order to make sure you stick to said schedule. For me, I need a schedule. It’s the only way I get anything I need done. Especially when it comes to writing. So, here are the steps I’m taking to make this resolution happen.

Before anything else, I need to be fully committed to following the schedule. I need to not make excuses for not wanting to write. I need to have the mindset that I’m going to write, even if it’s a few words for my notes. The bottom line is that I write, no matter what.

So, the first thing is that I need to look at my schedule throughout the week. This is very important because I don’t have a typical schedule. I work retail so my hours and days off vary from week to week. I need to look at my week and see what times I can dedicate to writing.

Second, decide what I’m going to write. Am I going to journal? Am I going to work on my story? Am I writing a blog post? These things are going to determine how much time I have to get whatever task accomplished.

Third, I need to stick to the “appointment.” Treat it like I was seeing a doctor or something. Personally, I hate being late for anything. Why should my writing be any different?

Fourth, talk to people who are going to hold me accountable. Writing, as solitary as it sounds, is not to be experienced alone. I have a few writing friends on Twitter that I know will help me get my butt in gear. And I’m part of a writing community on Twitter that tweets if people are writing each day. It definitely gets me in the right frame of mind.

And finally, allow myself to be flexible. That certainly is a contradiction to everything I just said, but hear me out. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives. Things happen. So we have to be willing to switch things up. Whether it means writing later or earlier, or maybe put off writing until the next day.

Writing every day is possible. But like any other resolution, it takes strategy and execution. These tips are for me. Maybe they might work for you. Maybe not. But the important thing is that you have a plan to write every day. And if you miss a day, that’s fine. Every once in a while, you need to recharge. Take time for yourself to rest. And when you feel ready, get back onto the saddle.

So, what about you? I want to know what your resolutions are and the steps you will take to see them through. Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Hit the Ground Running: An IWSG Post

  1. I still haven’t finished my list of goals for 2018 but know the list will be short. I’m setting myself up for success, which is my word of 2018.
    Happy New Year!


  2. Hey McNeese, great post. I was late getting my post up yesterday so I’m a bit late in reading other’s posts. I agree that it’s necessary to make plans if you have any hope of achieving a goal but flexibility is also crucial. I think it’s great that you recognize that and don’t mentally admonish yourself for not sticking to a rigid schedule. In my humble opinion, writing every day doesn’t necessarily mean typing words every day. The creative part of my writing takes place in my head long before I put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. I spend a lot of time living in an imaginary world that exists only in my head. To an observer, it may look like I’m staring blankly into space but that is often my most productive time as long as I follow through and put it into writing. I realize a lot of people set goals based on the date on a calendar. I’m not one of them. No one has ever accused me of being normal. LOL! My prevailing motto though is this: “If you don’t reach for the stars, you’ll definitely never get there.” Thanks for another great post and because it’s tradition, Happy New Year!


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