On Hiatus, Somewhat

Hello, friends.

Since I can’t think of a witty introduction, let’s jump right into what I want to talk about.

If you’ve viewed my Twitter profile recently, you may have noticed the name change.

I took a break from writing, but not completely. I took a break from writing stories. I was working on revising a draft I finished prior. But that’s where it started. It certainly didn’t help that I didn’t make the time to write on my laptop. But that could have easily been rectified.

The main problem was that I lost interest in writing this story. And that has been a recurring problem when it comes to stories that are not flash fiction. I’m just not as excited about revising and editing as I am about writing them the first time. Most writers have the same issue. The difference is that they push through, whereas I wilt and give up on it. Unfortunately, this feeling spiraled out of control. I shelved the piece along with some other works and took a break.

While on my “break,” I was going through some personal stuff. It got so bad that I had to shelve everything for a moment in order to figure out what was going on in my life and why I was feeling and doing things out of my character. It was on that day I decided to turn my break into a hiatus.

I have to say that it wasn’t a complete writing hiatus. I still wanted to write in what I call my health journal to note how my behavior affected those around me. I spent energy trying to get back into a healthier routine. Eating right. Exercising. Taking my time. Taking small steps. Doing things that I knew would make me a better person. I needed a reset in the best way. I needed to shed what I was to become something better.

I applied that mindset into my writing. I went through works saved on Google Docs and my flash drive. (While doing so, I downloaded LibreOffice.) To my surprise, I saw a lot of incomplete stuff. It took some time, but I deleted the “broken” works. I even deleted works I thought were not up to my standards. I also went through Evernote and Pinterest and cleaned them up as well. I know some writers say not to delete your stuff; that they might serve another purpose. Nothing against that advice, but I felt it was for the best.

So, here’s where I stand. As a whole, I feel better. Still working on becoming that better person. It’s something I decide to be daily. As far as writing goes, I feel better about where I am, but I’m not rushing to get back to writing stories. That day will come soon enough. I’ll still go through Pinterest and pin prompts worthy of my attention. I’m also taking time to learn about how to make my stories better. To make my characters three-dimensional and my stories rich with conflict (a recent topic of conversation on Twitter).

As writers, it’s important to take a break whenever you’re in a rut. Sometimes that break can turn into a hiatus. And that’s fine. I’ve been through periods where a break became a hiatus. Sometimes, intentional. Others by accident. In any case, I felt better than when I went in. I can’t say when I’ll get back into writing stories. When I do, the key will be nurturing that passion and pushing through when it seems like it’s impossible to move forward. Perhaps I’ll have something to show for my efforts besides flash fiction on my blog. Something along the lines of short stories posted on my Wattpad account.

Until next timeā€¦


3 thoughts on “On Hiatus, Somewhat

  1. Thanks for your honesty, George. It is always the right idea to look after yourself, even if that means putting yourself on hiatus. Since you mention being dedicated to your health journal more than your fiction, your writerly path may be closer to that than to fiction. It doesn’t mean you have to put the fiction away forever. There are plenty of scholars and professionals who write articles and essays, and only dabble in fiction stories. It is really about where you find your joy and feel your best. Perhaps this hiatus – and the good feelings you got from clearing your archive – are your subconscious’s way of directing you on a path you may not have considered before now.

    Good luck on your continuing journey!

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  2. Good for you, George. Sometimes the only thing to do is take a step back and assess the situation. That goes for anything, not just writing. Hope you continue on your path to whatever your next chapter may be. If it’s not stories, that’s ok! Find what makes you happy!


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