The Essentials On My Writing Space: An IWSG Post

Good day, my writing and blogging friends.

So, we’re at the tail end of 2018. Just a few weeks remain. And we’re at the first Wednesday of the last month. Time for the last Insecure Writer’s Support Group post of the year.

Before I get started, I want to get a few things off my chest. First, I want to thank Alex Cavanaugh and the rest of the IWSG administration team for allowing me to share my experiences in my writing journey. Second, I know I’ve been super serious the last few posts, even did a follow-up on my last IWSG post this past month. I had a lot weighing on my mind in the midst of NaNoWriMo, even though I wasn’t a participant. So it feels fitting that this month’s optional question is light-hearted in nature.

What are five objects we’d find in your writing space?

Now, truth be told, I really don’t have a writing space in the traditional sense. I don’t have a desk all to myself or an area of the house I call my own. My wife and I have discussed buying a desk for when we sit down to write for our respective blogs outside of using our iPhones. So I’m going to play hypothetical here and pretend I have a dedicated spot for my writing. Here are the five things you will find.

  • My Laptop. Let’s start with the obvious. Even though I use my phone for my writing these days, it’s nice being able to see what I write through a bigger screen. And I use my laptop not just for writing, but for streaming Twitch, or Spotify to keep me focused on writing. But it can be more of a distraction while I’m writing, so I’ll relinquish those tasks to my iPhone.
  • iPhone 8 Plus. I use my iPhone for a lot of writing-related tasks these days. I use Google Docs, Evernote, Pinterest, Canva, Goodreads, Spotify, Wattpad. Pretty much, if there’s anything to do with writing and publishing, I have an app for it. It’s just so convenient. And let’s face it, some tasks are easier with an iPhone, or any smartphone for the matter.
  • Composition Notebook. A long time ago, I wrote first drafts in composition notebooks. I don’t so much now, but I still use it when I take notes for my stories as well as jotting down various stuff like prompts from brainstorming sessions, character profiles and analyses, story outlines, notes for improving my writing skills, and so forth.
  • 4-in-1 Color Pen. Like most writers, I collect a lot of pens. (Truthfully, I buy a lot of pens.) Out of all the pens I have, I love the 4-in-1 pen the most. And the one I lose the most. Along with my notebook, I use this pen for just about everything writing-related. Editing, revising, note-taking, journaling. All four colors—red, green, black, and blue—have a specific function. Pretty much everything when there’s paper around. And I probably should keep it in my laptop bag because they tend to vanish whenever it’s away from my bag.
  • Snacks and Napkins. Now, this isn’t something I have all the time. However, there are times where I will get a craving for something to tide me over until lunch. But in doing so, I keep napkins, or paper towels, beside me because I don’t want grease anywhere near my writing supplies.

It’s nice to post something more pleasant to end the year. I was feeling a little depressed talking about some heavy stuff in recent months. One of these days—hopefully next year—I’ll have a writing space to call my own. But truth be told, I’ll have to keep my writing stuff tucked away so that the kids won’t play with them and mess up my system.

Anyway, take care and I’ll see you all next year.

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