About Me and P. B.

So, what is Project Blacklight? What’s it about? Who came up with the name? Who created it?

Good questions, all. Let’s start with who I am.

My name is George. I’m originally from Illinois, but have called Georgia home for over twenty years. I went to college to be an elementary school teacher. But after a Creative Writing class and having some of my works published, I changed my major and schools. I graduated from Georgia State University in 2002 with a B. A. in English, concentration in Creative Writing. (Fun fact: the degree is still in the mailing tube.)

After graduating, I went job hopping, got married, and had two kids. I was sparsely writing, then shelved writing because I wasn’t serious about it. I wasn’t writing novels or submitting stories to contests or magazines. I was doing nothing with my degree. But with the encouragement of friends and family, I picked the pen back up.

In 2014, I decided to take my writing more seriously. Much changed from the time I graduated to then. It wasn’t enough to just write more. I needed ways to showcase my work. A year later, after much research, I started Project Blacklight. A writing blog that has become so much more. It’s a portfolio for my stories. A journal where I share lessons learned in my writing journey and issues that speak to me. My hope is that my posts will resonate with anyone who reads them.

If you wish to follow me on Twitter, my handle is @George_McNeese. 


7 thoughts on “About Me and P. B.

  1. Beautiful site! Love the logo, the denim/blue color, and the type font. So far have found no writing errors, although only read through once. Ha–that’s my editor brain speaking. 🙂 Nice not to stumble upon glaring errors, anyway!
    Glad you did this. I don’t usually follow guys, but I’m signing up as soon as I can find the sign-up widget. Umm. Did you make one?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You can go into your blog’s dashboard and search there (the little icons on the left hand side of the page). You will want to Find and go into “Widgets.” Look at the different widgets that are there and select the ones you want for your blog. Easy breezy!


  2. You said you would like to write stories that the world will read. Well, you have come to the right place! Our WordPress blogs are read world-wide! Also, be sure to add the widgets for other sites like Twitter, Facebook, ect. (There are many! That will give you a wider audience). 🙂 Best wishes!! xo


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