Spread Your Wings: An IWSG Post

Good day, everyone! Sometimes, it feels like forever until we come to the first Wednesday of the month. Sometimes, not so much. The former is true this month. Regardless, it’s time for my monthly Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. For those new to my blog, the IWSG is a community of writers dedicated to support […]

Hello, Forty!

Good day, my friends! As you guessed, it’s finally here. My birthday. And at 9:30 pm, I will officially be forty. This is such an accomplishment. Turning forty is a big deal in itself. You start a new stage in life. Your mindset changes, too. Certainly all these things apply to me, but I add […]

The Best Presents

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of cool presents. Cool clothes, a Super NES, a bicycle, Transformers, a family scrapbook. But there’s one gift that tops them all. Actually, there are three: my family. I’ve been blessed to have such a loving family. Through them, they’ve helped me to become a better person.