Over the Hump

There have been times where I have promised short posts, and it never happens. So, I’m not going to promise anything of that nature. Whatever happens, happens.

I do want to share something I accomplished this weekend. I typed out a draft of my “Cell Games” story. The “prologue,” to be more precise. So you’re probably thinking, “Big deal. He typed out a draft. He should be doing that anyway.”

Well, yes, but allow me to explain. Continue reading “Over the Hump”


Remembering 9/11

I remember where I was when it happened. I picked up my car from the mechanic. I don’t think I had to be in school early that day. I was listening to the local news station. The reporter mentioned a plane crashed into the Twin Towers. I thought it was some freak accident. I hoped that everyone in the buildings would be okay.
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The “R” Word

So, I can’t repost blogs from other bloggers on WordPress. No big deal. It’s not fair taking credit for someone else’s work. Now that I have “ranted,” let’s move on.

I read a post from Ryan Lanz, a WordPress blogger, about a subject many writers are uncomfortable talking about: revisions. Continue reading “The “R” Word”

Month in Review: August

Hello again.

I don’t know why, but it feels like it’s been months since I’ve written in this blog. I know I posted about breaking my glasses and how disappointed I was not being able to attend the Atlanta Writers Club meeting. I don’t always have a Saturday off of work, but this month I had all Saturdays off, except this past Saturday. Getting a Saturday off that isn’t requested is rare. At my work, they kind of frown upon it, especially with all the major holidays around the corner. Continue reading “Month in Review: August”

Broken-Hearted and Broken Glasses

WIN_20150816_210532I wish I could say that this past weekend, I attended my first Atlanta Writers Club meeting, and that I learned a lot from the first meeting alone and met some new friends and participated in all the things writers do. But alas, that was not meant to be. Saturday morning, two hours before I was supposed to be leaving for the meeting, I broke my glasses while cleaning them. And this wasn’t a simple “the lens popped out of the frame” thing; the frame cracked. Continue reading “Broken-Hearted and Broken Glasses”

Month in Review: July

The dog days are summer almost done, thank goodness. At least where I’m at, parents and kids are buying school supplies–which is the equivalent of Christmas to a writer. Normally I would be buying composition books and pens, particularly one type of pen. But I’ve staved the urge this year. Continue reading “Month in Review: July”


So, it’s about time I come up with something original. As exhilarating and inspirational as some of these posts from others that I’ve put on my blog, I need something fresh. And as I write this post, a question arises. Why am I in such a hurry to write this? What’s driving me? And why should I care? A sudden spark of inspiration, sure. Fulfilling a desire to write, possibly. There are a number of answers, but they revolve around one virtue: patience. Continue reading “Patience”