The 365 Writing Club: Reflections on an “Awesome” Year

The 365 Writing Club on Facebook gave me an “Awesomeness” badge for the strides I made in my writing this year. For overcoming doubts and gaining confidence through the encouragement of fellow writers. Today, I share what I’ve learned through this group and the challenges I faced.


This past week, I strolled through my Facebook notifications when I happened to see this…

…a badge the administrators of the 365 Writing Club on Facebook awarded to me. According to the status, Continue reading “The 365 Writing Club: Reflections on an “Awesome” Year”

Project Blacklight: Goals Review

Good day, everyone!

Can’t believe we’re halfway through the year. I think time tends to go faster the older we get. But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I figured I’d take the time to reflect on what I’ve done so far and review my goals. Sometimes, I go through my journals, reading the entries, reflecting on my thought processes. I don’t think I could ever create a book based on my entries alone. I don’t have stacks of journals I’ve collected over the years. And now, with a journal app on my iPhone, it kind of makes buying composition books obsolete. (Truth be told, I got tired of my daughter scribbling in my journal. It’s my fault.) So, let’s look back and evaluate where we are so far. Continue reading “Project Blacklight: Goals Review”

Writers and Organization: A Ten-Minute Novelists Chat Session

This morning, I wrote in my journal. I know, big surprise. “I’m a writer. Writing is what I should be doing.” Admittedly, I don’t write in my journal as often as I should. It’s not a daily practice. I don’t have a quota I meet. I don’t have time set aside for writing sessions. I don’t have a space where I sit down to write. I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to my writing. Continue reading “Writers and Organization: A Ten-Minute Novelists Chat Session”

Month in Review: February

Like most blogs I’ve read in the past two days, bloggers are glad February is over. I am, too. I’m tired of the cruelty of winter. Granted, where I live, the winter has not been as brutal, but I had my share of icy conditions, the threat of the city shutting down, again. I had to deal with no power for roughly about twelve hours and no internet for a little longer. But that’s nothing compared to what others dealt with on what seemed like a daily basis. So, enough about the weather.

I planned on having this post up sooner, but I’ve been reeling over a death in the family. I’m still gathering info on what happened. I haven’t heard anything on the arrangements. For those who follow me, I’ll have a post summarizing all that has happened.

For now, let’s assess and reflect on what I accomplished on my writing. Like most bloggers I follow, February felt way too short; like we skipped a month or something. I didn’t make any headway on any of my writing goals. I have a flash fiction piece on my blog for Valentine’s Day and a post on my thoughts on Black History Month. Outside of that, I didn’t do much writing. I wrote a few journal entries, but wasn’t consistent, if you can call two days worth of writing, consistent. I haven’t made any strides toward mapping out a novel. And I haven’t started reading any books from my reading list, which is continually growing.

Yeah, February was not a good month, writing-wise. But, life is about balance. It’s human nature to shoot off everything that is wrong and focus on the negative. But, you have to give equal attention to the good and the bad. Too much of one thing will drive you insane.

So, while it’s easy to feed on the negative, I am going to list a few things that did go well. For starters, I did add some books to my reading list. After some lively chats on Facebook and Twitter, I found some books worth reading; a few classics as well as some up-and-coming writers. And I have found a writing group in my town. Truth be told, I knew of this group for a while. Whenever there’s a book fair or a town festival, this group is out and about, seeking new members. They meet on the third Saturday every month at a local college I attended. The first meeting is free, and they encourage people to attend regularly. The membership fee is reasonable for the year. Like anything else, I just have to work the courage to take the plunge. I did get my new laptop. (It’s more of a treat than a goal.) I’m trying to get used to Windows 8 and all its capabilities. I may have to buy one of those “Dummies” books, as well as one for Scrivener, as soon as I download it.

Finally, I set a new goal for my writing. There is something called “The A to Z Challenge” that bloggers participate in during the month of April. I am going to accept this challenge. The idea is that you write every day on a different topic from A to Z. The good thing is that the posts do not have to be long, which is good because, quite frankly, I don’t know if I can write five hundred words or so on any given topic. This will be my first year (duh!) and the first time I will truly feel like I have deadlines to meet. My goal in this challenge is to set a time to write and be consistent. (There’s that word again.) I’m in the planning stages now, coming up with my A to Z topics. And I’ll make notes as I progress.

Well, that’s my February. I would like to know how yours was. Feel free to let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you. Until then, take care and happy writing.