Weekend Coffee Share: Writing Like a Madman

Good afternoon,

Nice to see you all today. Pardon me if I’m a little distracted. I’m at the gym right now and I’m focusing on my steps. As such, I just have water. If you want to jump on the treadmill, by all means join me.

So, if we were walking—running—on the treadmill, I’d talk about school. Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Writing Like a Madman”


2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: C is for Creative Writing

2015AtoZDay3In my middle school English class, I remember writing stories following the adventures of Detective Falcon with his sidekick Rush, protecting the city of St. Canard from dastardly villains. (I watched a lot of Darkwing Duck in middle school and played Mega Man III on numerous occasions.) Everyone in my class loved my stories. So much so that someone crafted his own Detective Falcon story. (At the time, I felt less than flattered.) I didn’t write any more stories once I entered high school. It was a one-time thing; just something I did to garner the attention of my class. I didn’t take up writing again until I took some Creative Writing classes in college. From there, I learned some important writing habits like keeping journals, utilizing better observation skills, and practicing writing daily.

Though I appreciate the classes I took in college, I feel like I should have developed these habits at a younger age, when I was going into high school. There was no Creative Writing class in high school. The only plausible reason I can surmise is that for students, it was an easy “A,” a class where they can get away with the bare minimum, if that. That’s an injustice to the art.

When I first started college, I wanted to be a teacher. And when I took Creative Writing, I wanted to teach it at a high school level. I wanted to give students a chance to showcase their talents and show their love of the written word, something I regretted not following up. I hope, someday, that having Creative Writing courses will be taken seriously.